Wild Miles on the Middle & Lower Mississippi River

Where the beauty of nature predominates in the heart of America"
2011 John Anton Ruskey

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john and LaNae Abnet

Great site! Glad we found this resource. My wife and I will be taking the first ever recorded kayak trip from the source of Wabash River to the Gulf of Mexico. We could use any advise your followers might have. Particularly, we are needing to know the location of post offices along the river so we can have food drops sent ahead. Follow us @ www.separateboats.com


Janet Gottsacker

As a kayaker on the river for the last 2 years and approaching the middle and lower Mississippi, this web-site has become a great resource for me. Looking forward to more updates!

Shannon Switzer

Fantastic work you guys! I admire your dedication and enthusiasm!

Charles Gunn

What a great idea to compare and contrast ‘wild’ and ‘non-wild’ stretches of the Mighty Mississippi! We must describe the juxtaposition. Rivers yearn to be free and flow with nature… they are rivers and not channels. I hope the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is inspired by your website to remember to tread lightly and preserve the natural order and grandeur of waterways. Let them join an expedition and feel the pulse and hear the voice of the water… let their hearts sing like the rivers!

Big Muddy Mike

“To be (wild) or not to be, that is the question.,,”
Go Wild!


Through exposing people to the beauty of the Mississippi River to actively taking a part in cleaning up the River, John and Mike are heroes to this most misunderstood natural resource. Thank you for all you do!

Peggy Linton

We are so very fortunate to have The Quapaw Canoe Company in our region offering unique opportunities to learn about, explore and assist in preserving The River…….wonderful opportunities for all ages! Keep up the good work, John…..and may the River be with you! Great job and resource.

Gregg E

Love the look of this website! In particular, the 2 photos: “wild” “not wild”
Hope to see more wild photos of particular wild miles in future.


It is critical that our elected officials be made aware of our need to protect the life blood of Mother Earth our rivers from further pollution. I was blessed in September,2009 to row a 17,000 lb flat boat with the FIRST SQUAD-CORPS OF DISCOVERY men and women on the Wild Mississippi River. For two weeks we rowed from St. Louis to Memphis, Tn in the ANGELA’S ARK FLAT BOAT. It was the 200th anniversary of MERIWETHER LEWIS’S September,1809 last trip on the Mississippi River that we were reenacting. ANGELA’S ARK the flat boat now sits on the Mudd Island Museum grounds as a living history exhibit to show our next generation what kind of craft was used 200 years ago to navigate the Mighty Mississippi River. John Ruskeyand Mike Clark are true riverkeepers of this Great Nation’s life blood. Fortunately, Mother Nature has been able to slow down modern days damage to the rivers every spring. As a wise elder keeps telling me, “THE SOLUTION TO POLLUTION IS DILUTION” The more people who share these stories on a sandy beach the better, Please support WILDMILES.ORG
219 21ST AVE, LEWISTON, IDAH0 83501
208-743-4946 cell

Kristian Anders Gustavson

This is an incredible resource for exploring one of America’s greatest rivers! John Ruskey and Mike Clark have always been an inspiration and never cease to amaze me!

Driftwood Johnnie